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Dr. Alexia Mays


The only daugh­ter and youngest child of Jesse and Leona Mays, Dr. Alexia Mays, shares her parent's belief in the impor­tance of humanity and giving back.  
Alexia has spend much of her life fighting for the rights of others; cre­at­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties to help sickle cell warriors and their fam­i­lies, the homeless community, and children experiencing grief and loss. She is a research scientist, advocate and motivational speaker and panelist.

Sickle Cell Advocacy is a personal mission for
Dr. Mays. She has lived with Sickle Cell (HBSS)her entire life. (her Mother died from Rare Blood disorder when she was 4, her Father died of Sickle Cell(HBSS) when she was 6). 
Alexia formed the "Amaysing Kids' to assist children suffering loss and trauma. Having suffered the loss of her entire family by age
10 (her father, mother and 3 brothers), she understands the need for grief and loss counseling, peer support and resources to assist children  as they grieve and heal.
Found­ed in 2020 to hon­or her deceased parents and brothers, the May5Foundation works to  ensure quality of life for underserved communities.
The foun­da­tion works to provide resources, awareness, education, funding and advocacy.

Dr. Alexia Mays leads the efforts for change and  the advance­ment of  poli­cies and prac­tices that pro­mote  quality of life for those the foundation serve.


In  Loving Memory of
Jesse Mays,  Leona Mays, Bryan Mays,
Bruce Mays Sr., Basil Mays

Gone But Never Forgotten

313 Pacific Ave
New Orleans, La 70114

Cowboys Way, Suite 300
Frisco,Texas 75034 


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