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Show your Support for Sickle Cell Research, Resources and Awareness

Sickle Cell is the number one(1) killer of African American kids, ages 2-12.
Your Donation will help support research, resources, health strategies, comprehensive screening, education, and quality of life for those impacted by sickle cell disease.


Sickle Cell Disease is a Major Part of Mays Family History.
Jesse Mays Died of SCD in 1977.
Alexia Mays continues to battle the Disease and has dedicated her life to bring awareness,funding, research, and resources to the underfunded, and undervalued disease



 The May5Foundation is a private organization founded August 4, 2020. We work within communities to improve living conditions and quality of life for those impacted by Sickle Cell Disease, Youth Grief and Loss, and Homelessness.

We provide advocacy, research, awareness, and access to clinical trials. We work to provide resources to improve the lives of those we serve. 








Dr. Alexia Mays

The only daugh­ter and youngest child of Jesse and Leona Mays, Dr. Alexia Mays shares her parent's belief in the impor­tance of humanity and giving back.  

Alexia has spend much of her life fighting for the rights of others. She is a research scientist, epidemiologist, advocate, business owner, speaker and panelist.

Sickle Cell  is a personal mission for Dr. Mays. She has lived with Sickle Cell her entire life. (her Mother died from Rare Blood disorder when she was 4, her Father died of Sickle Cell when she was 6).
Alexia formed the "Amaysing Kids' to assist children suffering loss and trauma. Having suffered the loss of her entire family
(her father, mother and 3 brothers), she understands the need for grief and loss counseling, peer support and resources to assist children  as they grieve and heal.  

The May5foundation has been recognized by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards for the work we do to promote, advocate and bring awareness to Sickle Cell in the State of Louisiana. 

Governor Edwards also signed a Proclamation declaring June 19 World Sickle Cell Day in the State Of Louisiana.

Nationally, SCD affects about 150,000 African Americans, approximately 7,000 of whom reside in the state of Louisiana.

SCD disproportionately occurs in Black and Brown populations – affecting 1 in 325 Black and African Americans births and 1 in 18,200 Hispanic Americans births.

May5foundation has worked with the World Health Organization (WHO), United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Rare Disease Legislative Committee, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Democratic Governors Association (DGA), Republican Governors Association (RGA), Senator Tim Scott, First Lady Malania Trump, Advisory Committee on Rare Disorders among others to increase awareness and research for SCD, and provide support services to families impacted by Sickle Cell Disease.

In Loving Memory of Jesse, Leona, Bruce, Bryan and Basil Mays

Gone But Never Forgotten

313 Pacific Ave
New Orleans, La 70114

(223) 203-MAY5
(337) 277-7264

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